Rotary celebrates Pride in Workmanship.

At its dinner meeting of 23rd May, the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay celebrated excellence in service provided by members of the local business community.   Awards were made to 7 local people who were recognised by Rotarians as providing superior efforts and selfless sacrifice in their commitment to customers. Peter Francis, chairperson for the evening, noted in particular the energy, productivity, versatility and warmth demonstrated by recipients in all aspects of their work. He said, “They are an asset to their employers and to our South Coast community.”

Recipients of the Rotary Club of Encounter Bay Pride in Workmanship awards for 2019 were:

Rene Keanes from Retro Café

Anna Hamilton from Yoga Tree on the Coast

Rhys Pearson from McCracken Country Club

Matthew Peters from Coles

David Thomas from Ocean Crest café

Trudy-Ann Clapp from Mr Menswear

Louise Twikler from Spec Savers


Recipients (L to R) David Thomas, Rhys Pearson, club President Bob McFarland, Rene Keanes, Trudy-Anne Clapp, Louise Twikler.

President Bob McFarland presents award to Rhys Pearson

Mike Kelly introduces Trudy-Ann Clapp

Deidre Hughes introduces Louise Twikler